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Product Liability

Every day, people in America are injured by unnecessarily dangerous products.  

Bringing product liability cases against the manufacturers is expensive, time consuming, high risk and tedious.  

An inexperienced lawyer is a poor choice for someone with a valid product liability claim. Attorneys at Maxwell Graham, P.S. have experience in bringing product liability claims.


Jean E was one of several members of the Chinese Baptist Church in Seattle.  The church bought a 15 seat van which was designed and manufactured by a major vehicle manufacturer. The church planned a visit to Vancouver, Washington on a bright sunny day.  On the return trip to Seattle, near Arlington, Washington, the van blew a rear tire.

Normally a blown tire is not a major catastrophe, but in this case the van was impossible for the driver to control.  The van spun on the highway and faced nearly completely backwards.   The front wheels then went off the pavement onto the gravel.  The van then tripped and vaulted in the air.  It landed on the rear corner, crushing the roof.  It bounced off the roof and landed on its wheels in the grass some twenty feet off the highway.

When the roof crushed, the skulls of several occupants of the van were also crushed.  Jean was killed instantly.  One of her friends was rushed to Harborview where she died 24 hours later.  Several other occupants were treated with severe skull injuries, and others were cut by broken glass.  All the occupants were injured to some degree or another.

Jean’s family retained the Geragos law firm in Los Angeles to represent the members of the Chinese Baptist Church in a claim against the motor vehicle manufacturer.  The claim is that a 15 passenger van, when fully loaded, is unsafe at highway speeds if there is an adverse driving event such as a blown tire.   The manufacturer failed to take into account the fact that the center of gravity moves rearwards and downwards when fully loaded, and this makes the van impossible to control.   There are simple steps that a manufacturer can take.  These include making the wheelbase longer, wider, or adding dual wheels.

Mike Maxwell was the principal local counsel representing the family in Seattle.  Mike found the expert accident reconstruction expert and filed the lawsuit.  Mike defended all the members of the Church in depositions and ultimately, the manufacturer settled the claim out of court.


William L is a young man who lives near Yakima, Washington.  He has kidney dysfunction.  His doctors have prescribed MRI with contrast to better diagnose his injuries.   The contrast dye contains a substance called gadolinium.  The manufacturer of gadolinium knows that it is toxic for people with kidney disease, yet for years refused to warn doctors to not use it on patients with kidney disease.

Several years after the MRIs, William’s skin started to turn brittle and wooden.  His joints became sore and painful and inflamed.  His doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him and they referred him to a specialist in Pennsylvania.  That specialist diagnosed William with nephrogenic systemic fibrosis which was caused by the gadolinium.  William sought the help of an attorney in New York City to help him bring a claim.  That attorney hired Rebeccah Graham, one of the few attorneys on the west coast with experience in litigating gadolinium claims.  Rebeccah has sued the manufacturer of the gadolinium to bring justice to William.


Robyn R was a 16 year old who used an estrogen birth control patch.  Shortly after that she began to feel sick, which she attributed to a cold or flu.   She grew progressively sicker until her mother brought her to a local hospital.  There she was diagnosed with emergency deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms, a life threatening condition.  She was immediately hospitalized and given blood thinners and she missed several months of school.

Mike Maxwell brought a lawsuit on Robyn’s behalf against the manufacturer of the birth control patch for knowingly creating a high risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms.  Robyn later joined a national class action suit against the manufacturer and Mike served as local counsel on the class action suit.  That suit ultimately settled, and Robyn was made whole.

If you or a loved one is injured by a dangerous product, bear in mind that you need an experienced lawyer.  Major product manufacturers can hire the best defense counsel.  Consider calling Maxwell and Associates to discuss your claim at (206) 527-2000.